Vol 21 No 1 (2019): Journal of Islamic Studies

The impact of Arabic language on Sindhi language: أثر اللغة العربية على اللغة السندية

Published January 22, 2020


No doubt, Arabic language is base of Islamic Religion. Two main sources of Islam, Quran and Hadith, are in Arabic language. Prayers are offered in Arabic Language. Arabic is a vast and rich language. Its word range is very wide. Arabic has affected many languages of the world. There are numberless words in almost every language which are derived from Arabic.Sindhi language is an old language, which was a branch of Sansakrat, but latter it got its own existence.  It also has derived many words from Arabic language. One can find thousands of words of Arabic words in Sindhi Language. Moreover, Sindhi language to Arabic in writing too.There are many kinds of Arabic words and phrases which are used in Sindhi language:

  1. a) Words that are with same meaning in Arabic language, for example: Talab (requirement), Mout (Death), Hayat (Life) etc.
  2. b) Words that are used with a meaning that is different from Arabic, for example: Kharab (in Sindhi it means “bad”, while in Arabic it means “disserted”
  3. c) Proverbs and phrases

This is vast topic which needs volumes of books.