Vol 21 No 1 (2019): Journal of Islamic Studies

Hints of Mysticism & Behavior in Tafseer-e-Majidi a Research Article: تفسیر ماجدی میں تصوف وسلوک کے اشارات

Published January 22, 2020


The Holy Quran is a book that connects people to their Creator. The reader of Quran feels he is in conversation with Almighty Allah! And when he is in that condition, it becomes easy for him to attain God’s will in tafseer-e-Majidi, on one hand Maulana Majidi explained difficult problems regarding belief, comparative religion and modern philosophy, on the other hand he also explained divinities quite well, so that one could get the actual essence of studying.

The Holy Quran and its interpretation. Below we will discuss important points of divinities in this interpretation.