Vol 21 No 1 (2019): Journal of Islamic Studies

Social welfare programs reaffirmed in schools: An overview of history and Islam: سماجی بہبود کے پرو گراموں کا اسکولوں میں اعادہ:تاریخ اور اسلام کی روشنی ایک جائزہ

Published January 22, 2020


Human history is witness to the fact that there are always some rules and regulations in the development of a nations. Because of which, the nations are destroyed. Education is also such a department. Which is responsible for the development of any nation. In Pakistan, there was several measures taken for Pakistan's deepest problems. Like social welfare education, training and Ministry of Social Welfare was established. This program was started in the Social Work Project in the third five-year project. (Khalid 2012) Unfortunately these programs were closed. These projects get up to the sixth five-year project.

Around the world, a school social worker must provide various services to the children. So that the children are social, mental, psychiatric, ethical and social training can be done effectively. The social worker is a point of contact between the home and the neighborhood and the school is a source of contact. In this article, the author has tried to present the (i) concept of school social work (ii) the history of school social work in Pakistan, (iii) the Islamic concept of social work and social welfare, (iv) the utility of the school social worker's role and (v) some viable recommendations in terms of its recall. This article aims to raise the awareness of the re-issuance of school social welfare and to provide the base of historical, Islamic and academic efforts to reinforce its efforts.